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Houses, Land & Property For Sale, Rent & Lease in The Gambia

Property & Houses For Sale, Rent & Lease In Gambia

As real estate attorneys and property lawyers in The Gambia, Solie Law Chambers provide professional legal advice for clients with houses, compounds and land for sale, lease or rent.

Our legal advice covers building houses, buying land, selling property, renting a holiday home or leasing bars or shop units in Gambia.


We also advise on the tax and cultural issues arising when investing in a country with which you are not familiar. Our legal advice centres on choices available to you if you have houses, land or property for rent, lease or sale in Gambia.

Are you trying to find houses, land or property for sale, to rent or for lease in The Gambia?

Solie Law Chambers are property lawyers and not real estate agents. We do, however, provide a property finding service for our investment clients.

If you wish to take advantage of this service we will use our knowledge of the market place and our contacts to locate investments, properties, compounds and houses for sale that meet your specification.

Land Registration & Property Transfer in The Gambia

Once you have found your property – whether using our property finding service or your own initiative – we can deal with the transfer of the legal ownership of the land, house, compound property into your name.

Buying Residential Property

Whether you are buying a holiday home, a place for retirement or an investment property in The Gambia, let our team of specialist property lawyers transfer the ownership safely into your name – and deal with all of the other vital issues that must be taken into account when buying property in The Gambia.

Selling Residential Property

If you are selling your property in The Gambia whilst in The Gambia or abroad, you main concern is getting you hands on the money as quickly as possible. But there can be a lot more to do, especially if you want to minimise your taxes both in The Gambia and in the country where you live.

Let our team of specialist property tax lawyers help you deal with the sale safely.

Property Rental Contracts

So you have bought your investment property in The Gambia and you want to let it out. Are you really going to allow the tenant into possession without a singed rental contract?

You need to protect you legal position. Let us prepare a specimen contract that you can use over and over again. Just check every couple of years that the law has not changed!

Mortgaging your Property

Some of our Clients now borrow to finance the purchase of their property in The Gambia. Let us discuss with you whether a mortgage in your own country or a mortgage in The Gambia will best suit your needs.

Note that we are not mortgage brokers and we are not trying to sell you any particular mortgage product.

Property Contract Checking Service

Some of our Clients do not wish to take advantage of our full property transfer service but prefer us only to check their contracts and advise them about any problems that we find. This can be quite a lot cheaper than (but nearly as secure as) our dealing with the whole transaction.

Other clients ask to carry out a preliminary review of their contracts right at the outset of the transaction and before they instruct us to proceed with our full property transfer service. Either way we are happy to fit in with your wishes.

Gambia Property Development Opportunities

Development of land – i.e. buying land in The Gambia and building a house on it or buying a property and improving it – is becoming increasingly common, even for ‘ordinary’ investors.

Choosing the right piece of land, drawing up a business plan that will work in The Gambia and making the right contacts can be a major challenge. Let our team of lawyers use our years of experience to help you get it right and maximise your profit.

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