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Gambian Legal Expenses – Court Costs & Lawyers Fees In Gambia, West Africa

Legal Expenses, Court Costs & Lawyers Fees In Gambia

Lawyers Fees In Gambia

If you are concerned about the legal expenses, court costs and fees of Gambian lawyers or worried about the expense of hiring a lawyer in The Gambia, please come in, telephone, email or write for a free no obligation preliminary discussion.

If you have a legal problem in Gambia and would like a lawyer, solicitor or barrister to represent you, we are happy to provide brief legal advice on any investment, property, business or personal legal problems you may have.

Our legal expertise covers all aspects of private and commercial law in The Gambia. We can’t solve every problem and when we can’t, we tell the client bluntly and honestly what can and can’t be done and advise as to the best way of limiting any damage.

Solie Law have become – and wish to remain – pre-eminent in the field of Gambian Law. To do so we must give a superb level of service, really making the client feel we are doing absolutely everything possible on their behalf – and more.

Clients want solutions, not legal analysis.

They want them quickly. Letters, faxes and emails should be answered the same day. Phone calls must be returned the same day – and ideally immediately. This may not always be possible, but it should be the norm and expectation.

They want things done (relatively) cheaply. Getting it RIGHT FIRST TIME is cheap and efficient. We cover all the points in one letter, not two or three. We use the phone to discuss a problem fully and then confirm in writing.

This is cheaper and quicker than exchanging correspondence. As a professional firm of lawyers, barristers & solicitor we ensure that cases are dealt with by fee earners of appropriate seniority.

Lawyers, Barristers & Solicitors Costs, Fees & Charges

We can’t solve every problem. If we can’t, we tell the client bluntly and honestly what can and can’t be done and advise as to the best way of limiting any damage.

The friendly environment comes from a spirit of openness, flexibility and co-operation.

Basic Principles of our Legal Costs, Charges & Fees

The services of our staff – all of our staff, not just the lawyers – are valued and they receive a fair share of the rewards that they produce. In short, we wish to live up to our slogan of “Fast, Friendly, Fairly Priced”

At Solie Law we recognise that no client – whether a private individual or a business – has money to waste. We aim to –

  • minimise our charges by being specialists and by the sensible use of modern technology.

  • provide cost effective solutions to your international legal problems.

  • operate an open and simple system of charging for our work.

Agreed Legal Fees

Whenever possible we offer you an agreed fee for dealing with the whole of your case. This fee will only be revised if the nature of the work changes substantially – for example, if we discover title problems when dealing with the purchase of a property and you decide to continue with the purchase and ask us to fix the problems before you do so.

Often it will not be possible, at the outset, to quote an agreed fee for the whole of your case. If this is so then we will try to give you an agreed fee for carrying out a preliminary investigation into the case. At the end of that investigation, we will advise you generally about the case and the likely cost and timescale involved in dealing with it.

À La Carte

Very often only part of our legal work needs the skill and attention of a trained lawyer. The rest of our time is spent doing things that you could, if you wanted, do yourself.

Our “a la carte” menu allows you to pick only the things you want us to do – at a fixed price – and to do the rest yourself.

No Win, No Fee

In some cases, we are able to offer a “no win, no fee” scheme.

In these cases, if we do not achieve an agreed outcome we will not be paid!

Usually, we will need to carry out some research into the case before deciding whether we can offer a “no win, no fee” arrangement. We will usually agree an AGREED FEE for carrying out this research.

Under a “no win, no fee” scheme you will usually remain liable for the payment of court fees and other outgoings and, if a court case is involved, you may be liable to pay the winning party’s costs if you lose. Insurance may be available to cover these payments.

Hourly Charges

Where the amount of work is impossible to predict, we will have to charge you on the basis of the time spent dealing with the case.

We will tell you the charging rates of the people likely to be dealing with the case and we will report to you regularly as to the progress of the case and the build-up of charges.

You will always be given a written estimate of our likely charges. That estimate will not be exceeded without your prior consent.

Whichever way we charge, you will be secure in the knowledge that, as specialists, we will deal with the case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Less time usually means less money.

General Legal Costs, Fees & Charges in The Gambia

In addition to our charges, you will have to pay for any expenses we incur on your behalf, including the fees of any overseas lawyers, accountants or notaries involved in the case. We will give you an estimate of these expenses as soon as possible after we start work on the case.

We usually require a payment on account of our fees and expenses.

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