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Solie Law Chambers are an experienced law firm of business, property and family lawyers, attornies, barristers, solicitors and legal practitioners in Gambia. If you have a legal problem, family argument or business dispute and need a lawyer in Gambia to advise or represent you, we provide a free and no obligation preliminary discussion on the issues of your case.

We work to the highest standards to deliver internationally respected and cost effective legal advice and representation to solve your problems in The Gambia. Should you wish to instruct us we will advise you on court costs and lawyer’s fees for legal advice and representation in the High Court, the Court Of Appeal or the Magistrates Courts of The Gambia

Lawyers In GambiaLawyers Fees & Legal Costs

We will to guide you on how to resolve business problems or personal disputes and prevent litigation to avoid expensive and time consuming cases in the Civil Courts of The Gambia. We can’t solve every legal problem and if we can’t, we tell the client bluntly and honestly what can and can’t be done and advise as to the best way of limiting any costs and damage.
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International Trade Lawyers In AfricaInternational Trade Lawyers

Our lawyers offer legal and business advice on key areas of international trade law including customs, export controls, import tarrifs, duties, quotas, taxes, sanctions and trade regulations. Through our import and trade services we can help your company to grow your business in West Africa.
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Business Lawyers in GambiaBusiness & Finace Lawyers in Gambia

Our corporate lawyers advise companies of all sizes on their legal obligations, rights & responsibilities under the bussines laws of The Gambia. We also structure business transactions, draft documents and negotiate deals & agreements that are clear and unambiguous to avoid problems for clients in the future.
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Debt Collection & Recovery in Gambia

Our lawyers offer personal and commercial debt collection and asset recovery services for individuals, companies, organisations and institutions. We can issue legal proceedings for the collection and recovery of bad debts and assets such as vehicles, equipment, goods and properties.
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Real Estate Lawyers in GambiaLand & Property Lawyers in Gambia

Legal problems can arise when buying and selling land or property in Gambia. Our lawyers offer legal advice on buying, selling, renting or leasing land, bulidings, houses, apartments, homes, business premises, real estate investments and property developments in The Gambia.
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Divorce Lawyers in GambiaFamily & Divorce Lawyers in Gambia

We operate a 24 hours emergency divorce, family & childcare legal service. Our  lawyers specialise in marriage break ups, maintenance provision, parental access, visitation rights, child abduction, domestic violence, injunctions, wardship, adoption, custody and child care proceedings.
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Setting Up A Business in GambiaSetting Up A Business in Gambia

Legal advice on starting a company, the registration, management & administration of the company’s affairs, taxation, service contracts and the liabilities of the company and its directors.
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Holiday & Tourism InvestmentsHoliday & Tourism Investments

We advise on tourist and travel business properties such as eco lodges, guest houses, holiday hotels, beach bars & restaurants in The Gambia
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