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Gambian Law Firms & Lawyers

Solie Law Chambers is a law firm in The Gambia. Our lawyers offer access to high quality, cost effective legal services in Gambia for private individuals, charities, NGO’s, accountants, banks, finance, commercial and business clients

Gambian Law Firms, Lawyers, Attorneys & Solicitors

Our commitment to quality and service is absolute. Continuous improvements through training, investment in new technology and individual development benefits our Clients by providing consistent quality and value.

We believe that our Clients deserve the best in terms of service and legal advice.  Solie Law provide this with a high level of commitment throughout the firm.

If you have a legal problem in The Gambia and would like a lawyer, solicitor or barrister to represent you, please telephone, email or write.

Lawyers, Attorneys, Barristers & Solicitors In The Gambia

In addition to checking and advising you on the terms of any legal contract in The Gambia. Solie Law can also negotiate any amendments with the other party.

Gambian Law Firms, Lawyers & SolicitorsFrom matrimonial or family affairs to matters of property, dispute resolution, inheritance tax and estate planning, our lawyers work with you to ensure that issues are dealt with as swiftly, amicably and as economically as possible.

Solie Law provide personal and corporate tax advice to private individuals, businesses and companies in The Gambia with actual or potential tax problems, back taxes, tax debts or tax liabilities

Working with established businesses of all shapes and sizes in The Gambia, our commercial lawyers provide advice on a wide range of commercial and corporate arrangements – from employment to finance, disputes and arbitration to commercial property matters, planning issues, technology and media.

Professional Legal Services in The Gambia

Solie Law advise individuals, partners, companies and lenders wishing to form, finance or invest in a new start up company or to transfer their existing business to a company. Our lawyers can set up new companies for you together with a bank account and the necessary registration. We also advise well established companies on company law, procedure and company secretarial matters in The Gambia

We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible after you have decided to embark upon your residential or commercial property sale or investment.

A great deal of our business comes from other professionals – Lawyers, Accountants, Banks, Financial Advisers etc.  This is because many recognise that they do not have the expertise to give legal advice in The Gambia.

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