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Foreign Ownership of Land or Property in The Gambia, West Africa

Land & Property Ownership Disputes in Gambia

Land In GambiaThe Gambia offers foreign property buyers many of the same real estate ownership rights as in their own country. Foreigners can buy and sell land in Gambia and are protected under similar property laws and regulations to the British legal system, with the right to own property and establish a business.

Property ownership problems and disputes in Gambia can cost you tens of thousand of Dalasis, Pounds, Euros or Dollars in legal fees, and unnecessary taxes, during your lifetime and on your death.  We will be happy to help you make this decision as it involves an understanding of both the local AND your own legal, tax and inheritance systems.

Getting this question of property ownership wrong is probably both the most common and the most expensive mistake people make when buying any kind of land or property in The Gambia.

Ownership Options When Buying a Property in Gambia

What are the ownership options? The choice is NOT obvious. Just because a husband and wife are buying the property does NOT mean that the best choice is to put it in both of their names. It the property is put into the wrong people’s name, the wrong people will have the right to inherit it.

There are many ways to purchase a property in The Gambia. These include:

in your own name alone

in your name and in the name of your co-purchaser(s)

wholly or partly in your children’s names or in the name of somebody whom you would like (eventually) to inherit the property from you.

in the name of a limited company, whether Gambian or “off shore”.

via a trust

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. The one that will be best for you will depend entirely upon your own personal circumstances. We shall be pleased to advise as to the most advantageous method for buy land or property in The Gambia

Tax & Inheritance On Gambia Land & Property Owners

General advice to you about who should be made the legal owner of the property to minimise tax and inheritance problems. If your circumstances are complicated or if you require detailed advice then  this will be charged for on a time basis. We will, in this event, give you an estimate for providing that advice.

Advice about ‘declared values’ and ‘black money’

Advice about you liability to taxes and other expenses in connection with the purchase.

Establishing from you what further assistance you may require in connection with this transaction.

Building Land Or Property For Sale In Gambia

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