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Registering, Starting & Setting Up A Charity Or NGO In The Gambia

How To Register, Start & Set Up A Charity In Gambia

Set Up A CharitySolie Law Chambers can advise on how to register, set up and start a charity in The Gambia. We provide legal advice to groups, charities, associations & organisations in The Gambia.

Typical examples of organisations that may benefit from our legal services are charities and community development projects specialising in education, healthcare, sport or social empowerment. Also property ownership or residents’ groups or indeed trade unions or even groups formed to pursue a collective action or common aim

Our lawyers can set up a new charity for you together with a bank account and the necessary registration. We also advise well established charities on company law, procedure and company secretarial matters in The Gambia

Register A Charity Or Organisations

There are various different types of groups. In this context we are not using the word with any legal meaning but just to signify a collection of people who have got together for some purpose. They may be an entirely informal association, they may have set up a club and set up a constitution or they may even have some form of corporate structure. Usually, the aims of the organisation are not commercial.

Charities, NGO’s & Charitable Organisations

Working with established charities of all shapes and sizes in The Gambia, our legal team provides advice on a wide range of commercial and corporate arrangements – from employment to finance, disputes and arbitration to commercial property matters, planning issues, technology and media.

In addition, we can:

  • provide “value added” services to your members, such as legal help-lines or emergency services
  • deal with members international legal problems
  • advise about your constitution
  • advise whether you are authorised to carry out your activities in in The Gambia
  • advise about the cross border tax implications of your proposals
  • help prepare detailed plans to give effect to your proposals
  • attend meetings and explain your plans and the international law issues that arise from them
  • act as general counsel to give advice about any area of law that is causing you concern
  • deal with any disputes that may arise between you and your members or the outside world

Registering & Setting Up A Charity or NGO in Gambia

If you are setting up a charity, organisation, association or NGO in Gambia. & need legal advice please phone, email or write.

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