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Real Estate & Property Lawyers In Gambia, West Africa

Real Estate & Property Lawyers In Gambia

Gambian property investment & real estate development advice covering  buying,  selling, renting anf letting your house, apartment, compound  or piece of land in The Gambia.

If you are selling your property in The Gambia your main concern is getting your hands on the money as quickly as possible.

But there can be a lot more to do, especially if you want to minimise your taxes both in The Gambia and in the country where you live.

Let our team of Gambian real estate and property lawyers discuss the issues concerning Buying and Selling Land and Property in Gambia, West Africa

Property Lawyers in Gambia: Solie Law Chambers are commercial & corporate attorneys, lawyers, barristers & solicitors offering legal property services in The Gambia.

Property Market In Gambia: Solie Law Chambers are happy to provide free brief preliminary legal advice about any residential or commercial land & property transactions in The Gambia.

Land & Property in Gambia: Legal advice on buying, selling, renting or leasing holiday apartments, retirement homes, investments, developments, building land & compounds in The Gambia

Holiday & Tourism Investment: We advise on tourist and travel business properties such as eco lodges, guest houses, holiday hotels, beach bars & restaurants in The Gambia.

Commercial Properties: Legal advise on the rental, lease, sale & purchase of business premises, warehouses, shops, offices, factories, supermarkets, commercial, industrial & retail units

Property Disputes & Problems: Solie Law offer legal services and advice relating to property ownership disputes due to inheritance, divorce, family problems, miss selling or non payment in The Gambia

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