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Foreign Business Investments in The Gambia

Foreign Business Investments in The Gambia


Name of Company Country Investment
($ millions)
(as of end June 2007)
West African Resort and Casino US / Gambia 3.00
West Africa Cattle Company US 1.00
Brufut Sheraton Hotel Kuwait 12.00
West African Aquaculture Sweden 4.40
International Commercial Bank Malaysia 2.58
Africell Lebanon 21.1
Africa Production Company Libya 0.83
Jerma Hotel Libya 3.50
Gam-Petroleum Storage Depot Lebanon / Gambia 5.00
Gambia Agric. Marketing Co. Nigeria / Gambia 13.00
Brufut Sheraton Hotel Kuwait 12.00
Gamwater Company Ltd Gambia 1.40
Access Bank (Gambia) Ltd Nigeria / Gambia 2.00
T & C Transportation Services Gambian 0.50
Al Amana Company Ltd Libya 1.80
GamPalm Gambia / Senegal 3.10
Atlantic Seafood Netherlands 0.76
Walo Development Enterprises Gambia / UK 1.90
Knitswear Belgium / Gambia 0.94
Carnegie Corporation Ltd Australia 2.50
Comfort Quality Services Gambian 1.30
Zam Zam Company Hotel Libyan 2.00
Liptis International Co. Ltd Libyan 2.00
Kafuta Fresh Produce Limited Kuwait 1.27
Mecalite Ltd Gambia 1.00
Golden Beach Hotel Gambia 1.00
Africa Production Company Ltd Libya 0.83
Fine Beverage Company Limited Gambia 1.50
Cosmos Industrial Company Ltd. China 1.70
African Safari Company Libya 1.00
Fazan Fishing Company Ltd Libya 1.14
West African Pearl China / Gambia 4.60
Quantum Net Gambia 1.50
Salam Company Limited Gambia 1.00
Swami India International Ltd. India 0.63
Moukhtara Holding Company Ltd Gambia / Denmark 5.13
Global Electrical Group Ltd. Lebanon / Gambia 8.10
Gamveg Nigeria/UK/Gambia 3.67
Reliance Financial Services Gambia 1.95
Nice Gambia Ltd Netherlands 10.31
Hanes Company Ltd Taiwan 0.91
Universal Business Group Ltd. Turkey / Gambia 3.01
Comium Lebanon 19.00
African Production Fishing Co. Libya 1.64
Unique Solutions Gambia 2.04
Radville Farms Ltd. UK / Gambia 1.88
Basma Industrial Ltd. Gambia 1.30
Royal Enterprise Ltd. India 1.50
Jama-ak-Salam Foam Gambia 0.50
Fine Water Company Ltd. Gambia 2.41
Kombo Farms Company Ltd. Gambia 1.53
EcoBank ECOWAS 3.00
Sandele Eco-Retreat UK 1.50
AHS Holding Ltd. China 0.67
A & A Industries Ltd.v Pakistan 1.54
Takaful Gambia Ltd. Gambia 3.00
Zygot Oil Company Ltd. Gambia 0.51
Rue Chicken Ltd. Gambia 0.80
Womy Gambia Ltd Gambia 1.88

Source: The Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zones Agency (GIPFZA)

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