Finding Building Land Or Property To Buy & For Sale In The Gambia

Find Land Or Property To Buy & For Sale In Gambia

As we have already said, we are not estate agents. We do, however, provide a property buyer’s agents service for our development and investor clients.

If you wish to take advantage of our buyer’s agents service we will use our knowledge of the market place and our contacts to find the best land, houses, compunds, property investments and developments for sale and to buy in Gambia

We will charge you for the work that we do. We charge a fee of 3% of the value of the property found, subject to a minimum.

Of course, you are not really paying us for the few letters and telephone calls it takes us to find your property. You are paying for the hundreds of hours we spend each year researching the market and for our 20+ years experience and list of contacts.

Gambia Buyer’s Agents – Find Land And Property To Buy

Our growing number of property developer clients in The Gambia each receive a bespoke service designed around their particular investment requirements but common tasks with which they ask for assistance are:

  • Preliminary Advice about which area of The Gambia or industrial sector might offer them the best opportunities for their property development.
  • Advice about the most appropriate legal structure for the property development and the property development company
  • Setting up any necessary companies to develop and maintain the property development when completed.
  • Setting up any appropriate marketing or other related companies to see the project through

Our Gambian Property & Land Finding Service

Preliminary Advice about whether land that they have located themselves is a viable proposition for development. Is it likely to be given a building licence? Is the price being asked acceptable? Are the claims being made about other activity in the area true?

  • The Purchase of the Land and transfer of legal title into the name of the developer
  • Applying for zoning approval, planning permission and building licences for the development
  • Dividing the plot into saleable sub-plots
  • Helping with the selection of sales agents, builders, architects, interior designers and other professionals
  • Drafting the contracts between the developer and any estate agents or other professionals retained by them
  • Drafting the building contract
  • Drafting the contracts and other associated documentation in relation to the sale of individual properties
  • Dealing the individual sale to individual buyers
  • Providing escrow facilities or trust facilities to protect the payments made by the buyers
  • Arranging for the final transfer of title into the name of the individual buyers
  • Hand holding and consultancy throughout the process

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