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Buying Property in Gambia – Land, Houses, Compounds & Investments For Sale

Buying A Property, House, Compound or Land in Gambia

Buying Property in Gambia

Are you planning to buy land, a house, a compound, or commercial property in The Gambia? Whether you’re a corporate investor or planning to build a personal residence, our team of property lawyers is here to guide you through the entire sales and conveyancing process.

We specialise in addressing crucial aspects such as legal ownership, tax implications, inheritance matters, and other concerns relevant to both local and foreign buyers, sellers, and investors.

Preliminary Meeting

For foreign property buyers and investors, thorough research of the Gambian property market is paramount. We strongly recommend reaching out to us before exploring potential locations. This proactive approach allows us to address key issues calmly and clearly, ensuring a smooth process.

While we are accustomed to assisting clients worldwide, a brief telephone discussion or an in-person meeting, if necessary, can be scheduled to delve into the matter more comprehensively.




Are you thinking about buying land in The Gambia as an investment or building a house or property for personal use ?

Our property lawyers can advise on the sales and conveyancing process, best form of legal ownership for the property, minimising tax problems, minimising inheritance problems and any other topics of concern to local or foreign buyers, sellers and investors

Buying Land or Property in Gambia: Preliminary Meeting

We strongly advise our foreign property buyers and investors to research the Gambian property market before looking at any potential locationsThis will save you a lot of wasted time AND money. We STRONGLY recommend that you make contact with us BEFORE you go to look at any property.

That way we can deal with all of the key issues calmly and clearly, before you get involved in the rush and pressure always associated with buying a house or property anywhere in the world.

We can then have a brief discussion over the telephone and, if necessary, make an appointment so that we can meet to look at the matter in more detail.

We are used to acting for Clients from all over the world and, generally, find that it is not necessary to meet in order to deal with the purchase of a property in The Gambia. Of course, we are delighted to meet to discuss matters personally if this is convenient for you.

Buying A Property or Land in Gambia: Preparation Check List

Why are you buying the property?

Is this for retirement or a holiday home that you want to pay its way or a pure investment.

Which area will suit you best?

If this is an investment, where are you likely to make the most money?

Which type of property is best for you? House, apartment, land? This is not always obvious.

How are you going to pay for the property?

Are you going to take out a mortgage? If so, where and for how much?

What are you doing to guard against the risk of fluctuating exchange rates?

How are you going to manage the property?

If you want to let the property, who are your target tenants?

Who will manage the lettings? How much money will you make?

Who should be the legal owner of the property? The right choice here can save you thousands even on an ordinary holiday home. See below for more information

Buy Land or Property in Gambia: Contract Checking Service

Reviewing any preliminary contract of sale (contract preliminarily/compromise/promesse de vente), offer to buy or reservation contract presented to you and reporting our general observations in writing.

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