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Christian & Muslim Marriage, Divorce & Family Lawyers & Solicitors In Gambia

Christian & Muslim Marriage & Divorce Laws In Gambia

Gambia Divorce Lawyers

The family lawyers and attorneys at Solie Law Chambers offer a sympathetic ear and practical legal advice on how best to avoid or resolve marriage and divorce problems, family disputes, childcare cases and other personal legal matters in The Gambia.

We advise on marital, divorce & family disputes such as maintenance provision, parental access, visitation rights, child abduction, domestic violence, injunctions, wardship, adoption, custody and child care proceedings. We operate a 24 hours emergency divorce, family & childcare legal service.

Our lawyers and solicitors also offer legal advice on other divorce related matters such as tax and investments, powers of attorney, process serving, dealing with the inheritance of property, enforcement of judgments and compensation claims.

Divorce, Family & Childcare Lawyers

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages are successful. When a marriage breaks down one or both parties can seek a divorce, to dissolve the marriage or to obtain a formal decree of judicial separation Our lawyers work towards a speedy resolution that limits damage to the family and  keeps costs down.

We are experienced at dealing with family break downs and relationship problems and will try and help to reach an amicable but legally binding agreement through negotiation where at all possible, but we will also represent you in any court proceedings if required.

Normally in such cases, it is necessary to decide who is to have access and care and control of children who are under the age of eighteen. The ownership of the assets of the family including the matrimonial home has to be decided between the parties to the marriage and arrangements frequently have to be made for the continuing maintenance of the children and one of the spouses.

If you have a family or divorce problem in The Gambia and would like us to represent you, please telephone, email or write.

Personal & Family Lawyers in The Gambia

To deal with these problems you need expert assistance from somebody accustomed to dealing with the divorce, family & childcare laws of the Gambia but who is also familiar with the law in your own country so that they can explain to you in terms that you will understand the procedures and options available in relation to the problems that you face. In association with our correspondent lawyers around the world we can provide this service.

Lawyers in The Gambia: Family Disputes

Sadly, it is not uncommon for families to fall out. Perhaps children fall out with stepmother on the death of their father. Children also fall out with parents and parents fall out with each other, often in relation to their children.

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