Land & Property Investment Lawyers in The Gambia

Property Investment Lawyers in The Gambia Unusually for a law firm, we have for many years been giving advice to clients about which areas, places and types of property might best suit their personal investment requirements. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to making this choice. What is right for you […]

Relocating to the Gambia: Moving to and Living in the Gambia

Moving To and Living in Gambia If you are considering relocating, moving to or living in the Gambia you will already know that the sun shines here for all 12 months of the year! The Gambia offers you the best climate in the world and one of the most beautiful landscapes. This makes the Gambians […]

Disputes with Property Developers & Builders in Gambia

Disputes with Property Developers & Builders in The Gambia Unfortunately not all Gambian property developers are honest and some honest developers get into difficulties which mean that the development cannot be completed. This can leave people who have bought property in the developments (especially if they did not use an independent lawyer to protect their […]

Setting Up Property Investment Club Or Fund in Gambia

Setting Up Property Investment Club or Fund If you are thinking of setting up a property investment fund in The Gambia, find out the ways that we can help you. This might include locating suitable land, dealing with the planning and building consents, dealing with the fund’s constitution, drafting and/or dealing with the property sales […]

Travel & Tourism Investment Opportunities In Gambia

Travel & Tourism Investments In Gambia Renowned as the ‘Smiling Coast of Africa’ and the Gateway to West Africa, The Gambia remains an attractive tourism destination given our unique geographical position and strategic location combined with our proximity to Europe and English as our official language. The country is endowed with numerous investment opportunities in […]

Land & Property Disputes & Problems in The Gambia

Property Disputes & Problems in Gambia Have you agreed to buy a property only to find that you have been deceived? Do you want someone to check out your property purchase contract and to advise you about whether it is safe to proceed? Dealing with property purchases and problems is something we have been doing […]

Legal Contract Checking Lawyers in The Gambia

Contract Checking Lawyers in The Gambia Some of our clients do not wish to take advantage of our full property transfer service but prefer us only to check their contracts and advise them about any problems that we find. This can be quite a lot cheaper than (but nearly as secure as) our dealing with […]