Gambian Attorneys – Criminal & Civil Attorneys in Gambia

Criminal & Civil Attorneys in Gambia Solie Law are a Gambian firm of lawyers otherwise known as attorneys, advocate or solicitors. We offer specialist advice on the laws in Gambia and offer legal services and representation in The Gambia for matters involving family, income tax, sales tax, matrimonial, marriage, court, accident injuries, acquisitions, adoption, asset […]

Business Lawyers, Law Firms & Attorneys In West Africa

Business Lawyers & Attorneys In West Africa Our team of business lawyers advise small to medium sized companies, international organisations and corporations on the legal procedures and processes for the profitable export, import, sales and distribution of products and goods in West African countries such as Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, […]

Granting and Setting up Powers of Attorney in The Gambia

Powers of Attorney in The Gambia If you have dealings with another country – whether these involve buying a house, dealing with a court case or running a business – you are likely to need to appoint somebody locally to take steps on your behalf. This will require a Power of Attorney. The Power needs […]

Legal Contract Checking Lawyers in The Gambia

Contract Checking Lawyers in The Gambia Some of our clients do not wish to take advantage of our full property transfer service but prefer us only to check their contracts and advise them about any problems that we find. This can be quite a lot cheaper than (but nearly as secure as) our dealing with […]