Relocating to the Gambia: Moving to and Living in the Gambia

Moving To and Living in Gambia If you are considering relocating, moving to or living in the Gambia you will already know that the sun shines here for all 12 months of the year! The Gambia offers you the best climate in the world and one of the most beautiful landscapes. This makes the Gambians […]

Child Care & Child Protection Lawyers in Gambia

Child Care & Child Protection in Gambia This most distressing of situations needs a rapid response from someone who understands the law and procedures in the country where you are living, the country from which the child was taken and the country where the other party resides. In association with our correspondent lawyers around the […]

Access and Custody of Children in The Gambia

‘Access’ (Visitation) & ‘Custody’ (Residence) of Children Will you be entitled to see your children? Is the local court likely to permit the children to live with you? Attitudes vary dramatically from country to country. The position of a foreigner can be especially complicated, particularly if they are in dispute with a local person. Let […]

Maintenance and Financial Provision in The Gambia

‘Maintenance’ and Financial Provision in The Gambia The rules setting out how much financial support you must pay/are entitled to receive vary greatly from country to country. Getting this right has huge financial implications for the parties concerned. You need expert assistance from somebody accustomed to dealing with the law in The Gambia but who […]

Personal & Family Lawyers In Gambia

Personal & Family Lawyers In Gambia Legal advice on Gambian divorce, inheritence, domestic violence, injunctions, wardship, adoption, child custody, child access rights, child abduction, financial maintenance arangements, care proceedings. As family lawyers, with expertise in areas such as custody and , child abduction in The Gambia and internationally, Solie Law can help you sort out […]

Legal Contract Checking Lawyers in The Gambia

Contract Checking Lawyers in The Gambia Some of our clients do not wish to take advantage of our full property transfer service but prefer us only to check their contracts and advise them about any problems that we find. This can be quite a lot cheaper than (but nearly as secure as) our dealing with […]