Commercial Property Lawyers – Buy, Sell, Rent & Lease Commercial Property In The Gambia

Buy, Sell, Rent & Lease Commercial Properties In Gambia

Solie Law Chambers’ commercial property lawyers advise on the lease, rental, sale and purchase of commercial property and business premises in Gambia such as shops, warehouses, offices, bars, hotels & restaurants.

Part of the process of buying or selling a commercial property in Gambia may also involve dealing with leases, option agreement, rent reviews, and dilapidations.

These issues are often complicated and it is best to ensure that they are dealt with correctly to avoid disputes and  problems that may arise in the future. In dealing with business premises we offer essential advice on related topics such as planning, insurance and taxation.

Our property lawyers provide high quality and cost effective commercial property legal advice to all businesses across the spectrum ranging from small and medium-sized companies to banks & large international NGOs & corporations.

Commercial & Business Properties To Buy, Sell, Rent & Lease

We can also advise commercial property clients on the many features which must be considered before commencing a property redevelopment, such as the rights of way, drainage rights, the making up of roads and agreements with the local authorities.

If after the transactions have been completed you need to take advice with regard to your obligations under any covenants which may affect the property, the buildings insurance, boundary rights and so on, we are available to assist you.

Buy, Sell, Rent & Lease Commercial Property in Gambia

The process of buying or selling a commercial property property SHOULD start with thorough preparation. This will save you a lot of wasted time AND money. We STRONGLY recommend that you make contact with us BEFORE you go to look at any property. That way we can deal with all of the key issues calmly and clearly, before you get involved in the rush and pressure always associated with buying a specific property anywhere in the world.

Buying Hotels, Bars, Offices, Warehouses or Shops in Gambia

When you buy a hotel, an office, a warehouse or a shop in The Gambia whilst abroad, there are many more things to think about than the basics of making sure you get good legal title. These will require acknowledge of the legal system in the country where you live and also of The Gambia. We specialise in dealing with cases involving the law of more than one country.

Hotels, Bars, Offices, Warehouses or Shops For Sale in Gambia

If you sell commercial property in The Gambia you will need to bear in mind not just the legal issues in The Gambia but also the tax and business law consequences of the sale. Our team of lawyers qualified in the law of other countries and/or English law can help you save a lot of money and a lot of aggravation!

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